Providing world class support for industrial systems since 1982.

Industrial Service Technology was founded in 1982 as a third party maintenance company providing field service and depot repair of industrial electronic equipment and factory automation systems. Our early customers included Abraham & Straus, Federal Express Corporation, John Deere, Texas Instruments, Tree Machine Tools, Winn Dixie Corporation and Xycom, Inc.

After five years of growth, we had expanded beyond the capacity of our rented space, and purchased land to build our own corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the years our customer base expanded to include Ford Motor Corporation, General Dynamics, ALCOA Steel, 3M, Datum, Ltd. Whirlpool Corporation, General Motors, AT&T (formerly Ameritech) and CVS Drugs to our portfolio.

Xycom Inc. approached us in 1988 to assume responsibility for Xycom's retired industrial products. They agreed to sell IST the rights to the retired product lines, so customers using these products could continue to receive repairs and replacement parts. This agreement also provided us with a broad customer base for maintenance and field service. These legacy products have now been discontinued, but our relationship with many of these customers remains strong.

In 1989, IST began repairing products for the US customers of Datem Ltd., of Nepean, Ontario, Canada. Datem Ltd. manufactured the world's most extensive line of embedded distributed control products based on the BITBUS communications protocol. A year later, Datem Ltd. filed for bankruptcy. IST purchased all of their product designs and continued to support these products under the Datem name. Like Xycom, these products are now discontinued.

By 1995, IST handled third party maintenance for major corporations. We entered into service agreements with many of them to facilitate efficient operation, provide preventative maintenance, and immediate response to critical situations. As our customers grew, they asked us to facilitate control system expansions and provide customized software to enhance their operations. The experience and expertise we gained made it possible for us to pursue major system engineering projects. Our hardware background meant we knew how to make software work in a "real world" environment.

Today, IST develops systems for warehouse management, manufacturing and barcode solutions. With our partners, we provide a one-stop shop for hardware (RF devices, scanners and printers), software development and 24/7 support. Customer referrals are provided upon request.